Your trusted destination for MMO accounts! FAQ

The following is general facts & questions about EpicMMO services & contact information.


Where can I find your feedback and reputation?

We've been members of and since 2006 buying and selling wow accounts. Jim "Snowy935" is the highest rated member on MD and with over 250 Trustwho Positive Rating and 0 Negative. Jim also is our sites manager and the person you will be spending most of your face time with.

Here is a link to our feedback on (The largest WoW buying/selling website).

What happens if I buy an account and it gets recalled?

DO NOT WORRY! You came to the right place. We are unlike all the chinese sites that wont respond to your emails. I WILL BE RIGHT HERE if any problems arise. You have a lifetime warranty with any purchase and in the event of a recall you will be given a replacement account of equal or greater value OF THE ACCOUNT YOU LOST (same or close gear / achievements / etc ) (for LIFE - I will ALWAYS give you a replacement account no matter what). Any attempt of selling/trading the account or anything caused BY YOUR OWN NEGLIGENCE will void this warranty. i.e buying gold, bad language, etc (Do NOT give out your SQA once you receive it)

DO NOT CHANGE YOUR EMAIL ITS ON!!! It is created by myself! Your warranty is void if this is changed.

You can void your warranty by trading or selling the account when the SQA is given out. Please also note.. you must be "actively" playing the account. I understand you take a break for a month and thats fine. If you arent going to play it, please just log in once a month and make SURE its still working. If its not then CONTACT ME ASAP. There is nothing I can do if you contact me 3 months later when you havnt played it and ask me to help. Your warranty is no longer active if the account has been idle for over 3 months.

If you are "Actively" playing the account (I dont mean every day, or even every week... I just mean checking to make sure you can still log in at least twice/three times a month) You have a LIFETIME WARRANTY.I dont care if its 2 years down the road I will always replace it for you.

DO NOT MESSAGE ME AND NOT HAVE ANY OF YOUR INFORMATION OVER A YEAR LATER. I WONT BE ABLE TO HELP. I need an EXACT date in the past month when you were unable to log into it and an armory of the toon

Refunds will ONLY happen within 45 days of buying the account - Any other time you will be given a replacement. You have to understand I take a risk selling these just as you take a risk buying this account. I stand by my warranty and will always honor it but I cannot get my money back after a certain amount of time so I am replacing the account from my own pocket. NO REFUND WILL BE GIVEN AFTER 45 days - ONLY A REPLACEMENT.

Payment Methods

We accept paypal and all credit cards. During the checkout option, you can pay by credit card or by paypal.. if you dont have a paypal account that is OK! You can still use a credit card through our system. If you need to use Western Union or another source please contact me but you shouldn't have any problems with paypal and using any credit card.

Why don't you have 1000's of accounts like those other sites?

As stated on our home page and throughout our website, we are here to provide YOU the highest in quality and service. This includes the accounts we offer you and we feel safety trumps quantity!

Sites with 1000's of accounts have an extremely high theft rate and when you Google their feedback, you see many reports of stolen accounts. We go through just as many accounts as those other guys, but we pick and choose only the safest accounts to offer our customers.

We also produce our own Premade Accounts! These are the safest in the industry as we buy the cd-keys, create the account and level the characters just to sell to you. So when you buy an EpicMMO Premade account, you are buying the top of the line safest accounts in the industry. Straight from the people that made and leveled the character!

When do I receive the SQA for an account that I purchased?

The SQA will be emailed/mailed out in 2-4 weeks. We do that for security purposes. You are covered by our lifetime warranty either way. EVERY ACCOUNT is on a BRAND NEW email address so NO ONE has the info. DO NOT WORRY! We just dont want to throw up any flags with blizzard and have the account banned for no reason... that is the only reason we do this. Like I said, if you need ANY Help you can email me @, AIM @ Snowy935 or Skype @ EpicMMO (Please note.. I am the first one that pops up usually) , or jump in live chat! Ill respond to one of the three in NO TIME!
Please Note: Every account is on a brand new email.. once you receive the SQA - IF YOU CHANGE THE EMAIL it is under my personal discretion to cover the warranty or not. You can HAVE the email I create.. otherwise I am unable to see what actually happened if you change it (You could easily get hacked and say it was recalled.. see what I mean? This doesn't apply to everyone but you get the jist.)

How soon after I purchase an account will I receive the info?

Most of the time... within 5-10 minutes! The only way you wont receive the info that fast is if I am asleep. I have my phone and computer with me at all times so I am able to complete the order and have the info emailed to you. Right when you receive the information you can transfer, change the pass, etc etc.

How long till I receive a quote from your site if I am selling?

We generally are VERY quick with quotes. Expect one within the hour or a few hours after if you put in a quote to sell your account. If you don't receive anything from us, we probably do not need the account at this time... we receive hundreds of quotes per day and we look at them ALL so you are not getting overlooked.. do not worry!

EpicMMO Completion Guarantee

The EpicMMO Completion Guarantee is our promise to complete 100% of your order as listed when purchased. This means that if we are unable to complete 100% delivery of your order, we will offer compensation that we feel is equal to what was not completed. We could offer a partial or full refund, replacement account, redoing your order, currency or credit for future purchased, which are all determined by EpicMMO.

Can I trade in my account if I get bored with it?

YES!!!!!! WE ARE THE ONLY WEBSITE THAT DOES THIS!! For the past 10 years, we have hundreds/thoudands of customers trade in their accounts if there bored. Just talk to me on SKYPE or email me and I will list your account for you back on You tell me what price to list at and when it sells you get "x" credit for the account and you can apply that credit toward any other account. You receive FULL credit for the selling price as well. If you want cash for the account we can work something out! Many people take advantage of this and you should too! You are still able to play your account while its listed. If you have any other specific questions, don't hesitate to ask!